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For excellent winding. Kübler system reels.

our lignan system reels are the perfect solution for suppliers in the automative, electrical and electronics industries as well as for Card Clothing.

Systemspulen – Übersicht

The advantages of lignan system reels are their parallel planes and the fact that they do not warp. In addition to this, these reels are easy and simple to handle; recyclable; suitable for export and genuinely sustainable. Find out more…

Bestselling systems.

Light, Profi or Eco – our lignan system reels are perfect for all applications. We can provide a solution for any application. 
For batch sizes of one or more. Find out more …

Customized solutions.

One reel is not the same as another. Each application requires different characteristics. Which is why Kübler offers a comprehensive range of products from clean room reels to precision reels. Find out more …

Excellent printability.

Dyed reels? Digital prints? Screen printing? We can customize your reels to ensure that they are eye-catching and thus unforgettable. Find out more...

Stable & flexible – our transport solutions

A multi-Reel Rack

Transportation Racks


Our transport pallets and crates for demanding shipments

Ensure that your reels always arrive in perfect condition – with our flexible multi-reel racks. Find out more…

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